Auto rotisserie plans info.


UPDATE: I have just included details for mounting the optional hydraulic rams to the rotisserie.

What you are buying is 36 pages of easy to follow blueprints that are based on common sense and not engineering jargon. There is more than enough information on the drawings to successfully build a complete auto rotisserie, including some options that you may or may not want to build.

The capacity drawn is for 3000 lbs. using 3/16″ thick tubing. If you have the skills to restore a car, you have more than enough skill to build this rotisserie. Every part is clearly drawn and dimensioned in 4 views including a pictorial view for clarity. The blueprints also come with building notes and a full material and cut list.

There are many different types of auto rotisseries out there but, have you seen how much they cost to buy? Why buy one when you can build your own for a fraction of the cost? Put the extra money you save into your restoration project. The expected cost for this project will vary by where you live and the going rate for steel. A good estimate would be between $500 – $800.